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The Story of Gamanity


Gamanity is Supporting You

We look to protect your beauty and health


Safe and trustworthy natural formulations by skilled scientist


No nasty chemicals


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We support the empowerment of women

Who we are

About Gamanity

Gamanity refers to the Japanese word Gaman, meaning perseverance and endurance. It represents a way of living, a mind-set helping you to reach your goals. Gamanity offers an alternative holistic lifestyle based on daily healthy habits and on the use of skincare products.

Taking care when you're traveling

Gamanity proposes a variety of natural products specialised in skin care and body cleaning for everyday use, especially designed for travellers.

For Your Health

Gamanity provides practical advice to improve skincare and body health through the coaching consultancy posted on social media, on a dedicated smart "app" and on the website.


Gamanity's activities include monthly talks and meetings to create a community of women, who exchange ideas about the successful lifestyle and about the use of good natural products.

Beyond Our Products

We support empowerment of women by

Gamanity represents:

Healthy lifestyle, travelling, confidence, success, passion, character, independence and motivation.

About the

Katrin Scionti

In 2016 Katrin received her Bsc degree (Hon) in Biotechnology, at Sapienza University of Rome. She attended an Erasmus Traineeship Program from September 2016 to December 2016 at the Mayer IgAN laboratories, University of Leicester. Afterwards, she started the ongoing PhD studies in the same laboratories.

Scientific interest

Her main scientific interests are about the immune system, cellular and molecular biology, in healthy and disease conditions.


Besides her scientific career, Katrin has been competing swimming at high levels, both National and International for more than 15 years. Another great passion is the yoga practice.

Katrin Scionti   

Álvaro García Cruz    

Álvaro García Cruz

Alvaro received his BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from the University of Guanajuato (Mexico) in 2008 and his master degree (Hons) in Catalysis and Physical Chemistry at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France) in 2010. He completed his Ph.D. studies at the same University in 2015 focusing in Nanotechnology and Biotechnology.

Best Scientific Human Skills

Alvaro is a technologist who is passionate about traditional botanical medicine, alternative medicine, Reiki, Neuro-linguistic programming and permaculture.

Achievements and passions

“I like to use my skills to improve my soundings and help people. Since I was kid I felt attracted by nature, I like to go for hiking with my brothers and practice capoeira”.